I’m a distro hopper. I’m not entirely happy with any of the current Linux distros and it’s not because of the underlying technology, but because of the desktop environment. I used Gnome2 for many years but after it’s been deprecated I became a Gnome refugee. Since then I’m switching between Xfce, Cinnamon, Pantheon and MATE. I also tried Unity and KDE but I prefer the former ones. I was really wondering what other people use and how they get on with it, so I asked many of the Linux blog owners about what desktop environments and what distro they use. Not all of them replied to my question, but some of them did and I’m grateful to them.

Let’s see what other Linux blog owners use and why. After that please let me know in the poll what desktop environment is your favourite.

Abhishek from It’s FOSS said:

As my main OS, I use Ubuntu with Unity. I do go on distro/DE hopping at times as it gives me more topics to cover on It’s FOSS. I mainly switch to other Ubuntu based distros such as Mint and eOS but at the end of the day, I come back to Ubuntu and Unity. I would like to use Fedora and Arch in near future, just to try something different than the regular Ubuntu world.

Andrew from Web Upd8:

Well, because WebUpd8 is mainly about Ubuntu, I had to use Unity when it became default and even though I wasn’t exactly an Unity fan back then, I got used to it and now I prefer it over other DEs, especially because the old panel applets came back… sort of anyway, in the form of AppIndicators. So as my main distro, right now I use Ubuntu 14.10 (w/ Unity). I also use Xfce (Xubuntu) from time to time, I like it because it’s more or less like the old GNOME 2: customizable, not very heavy on system resources and so on. And finally, I also use Fedora from time to time just to see what’s new in the GNOME land (since Ubuntu is usually at least a version behind).

Igor from Dedoimedo:

I have tens of installations at any given moment. So it’s not really easy to narrow down. But most of my work comes down to Mint + Cinnamon, Ubuntu and various distros with KDE/Plasma.

What’s Your Favourite Desktop Environment?

It’s time for you to tell!