For me it’s a Linux distribution that…
   … is as fast and elegant as Solus
   … has a huge package database as Arch + AUR
   … is a stable rolling release as Manjaro (or Solus)
   … is as well supported as Ubuntu or Linux Mint
   … is as developer friendly as elementary OS.

For you it is probably totally different. The Perfect Linux might be an awesome Android device or a stable and secure server that runs Linux.

The Perfect Linux is not only different for everyone, it also changes from time to time. When I first started this blog in 2014, it used to be called LME Linux, because I was using Linux Mint and elementary OS that time. Now I’m running Solus as my daily driver and Ubuntu on my servers.

So what?

I decided to continue my Linux blog. I want to do it better this time, adding more content and more frequent updates. I also changed the domain (the old domain was bought by someone else in the meantime anyway).

I will mainly cover the distributions I mentioned above. I also follow the development of numerous desktop environments and nice looking themes & icon packs. I will also write tutorials and do interviews in the future just like I used to do.

If you’re interested in any of these, I’m really happy to hear that and welcome here at 🙂