Microsoft will stop providing updates for Windows 7 starting from tomorrow, which means that using the system will be a security risk. This is a great time to introduce the Linux world to Windows refugees.

This is a great time to tell your friends about the benefits of using Linux. If they say they got used to the look and feel of Windows, then show them the video below, that demonstrates how KDE Plasma can look exactly like Windows 7.

At KDE’s development board there’s a brainstorming about attracting Windows refugees to using the Plasma desktop.

How to make KDE Plasma look like Windows 7

Here’s a list of the elements used:

Plasma Theme: Seven Black
Window Decorations: Seven Black
Application Style: gtk2
GTK Theme: Windows Se7en by Elbullazul
Icons: Darkine
Colours: Breeze Light
Cursors: DMZ White
Splash Screen: Feren OS
Panel: 38 height
Widgets: Default Apps Menu, I-O Task Manager, Stock System Tray, Feren Calendar or Event Calendar, Win7 Show Desktop