Solus 4.1 Fortitude was released with hardware enablement, updated software packages and the debut of the KDE Plasma version.

The default applications include Firefox 72.0.2, LibreOffice and Thunderbird 68.4.1. For other kind of packages, for example video playback software, the inclusion varies among the different desktop environments.

Solus is now available in 4 different editions officially:

  • Budgie
  • MATE
  • KDE Plasma

Solus 4.1 ships with Linux kernel 5.4.12 so it supports a wider range of hardware out of the box:

  • Newer AMD Radeon RX graphics cards, such as the 5700 and 5700XT.
  • Newer AMD Ryzen 3rd generation processors, such as the 3600 and 3900X.
  • Newer Intel Comet Lake and Ice Lake CPUs.
  • Newer NVIDIA GPUs such as RTX 2080Ti.

If you are already using Solus you can just simply update your system to get all the latest features.