The first stable version of Solus Linux operating system has been released at the end of December. Solus is a new Linux distribution which is not based on any other, but is built from scratch. It features a GTK based desktop environment called Budgie (which was primarily made for this distro) and it is made for desktop use.

Budgie desktop in Solus

It features a new package manager called eopkg, which supports standard functionality, such as installing / removing / searching of packages.


Solus 1.0 ships out-of-the-box with numerous applications to enhance the desktop experience. Below are some highlights of applications Solus 1.0 ships:

  • firefox 43.0.2
  • nautilus 3.18.4
  • rhythmbox 3.2.1
  • thunderbird 38.5.0
  • vlc 2.2.1

Once I was missing a package from the repository I wrote Ikey a message about it and he included it to the repositories. So it seems to me much like a community driven distro which is good in my opinion. I also really like the overall look and feel, it uses my favourite Arc GTK theme. Solus 1.0 is UEFI enabled and is build upon the Gnome 3.18 stack and it runs upon the Linux 4.3.3 kernel.


Budgie has some really nice desktop feaures. The Budgie menu is sort of like the one found in Linux Mint. I also really like the idea of Raven, which is a notification and customization center. Raven allows you to easily access the calendar, display and manage application and system notifications, customize Budgie and system appearance, allows quick access to system settings and power options. That’s also a place where you’re able to customize the panel.


You can download Solus 1.0 from here:

For more information and known issues please refer to the official announcement.