I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy in the couple of days so I couldn’t give you fresh news at all. Here are some short news about what happened recently.

Gnome 3.16

The latest and greatest Gnome 3 version has been released recently. It includes new notifications, a new Shell theme, new scrollbar, new file browser. Improvements in Image Viewer, Music, Photos and Videos applications. The login screen uses Wayland by default. For a detailed review with lots of screenshots and video I recommend WebUpd8’s post about Gnome 3.16 release.

KDE Plasma 5.2.2

This is a bugfix release for KDE Plasma. For changes see the release announcement.

LibreOffice Online

Collabora started a new partnership with IceWarp in order to develop an online, web-based document editing technology (LibreOffice Online) and they pass it to the LibreOffice team eventually. Read more about it in the release announcement.

NVIDIA 349.12 Beta Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD driver

[ README | Linux x86 | Linux x86_64 | Linux ARM | Solaris | FreeBSD x86 | FreeBSD x86_64 ]

Firefox 37.0.1

See the changes for Firefox 37 in the release notes, and for Firefox 37.0.1 here.

VirtualBox 5.0 beta 1

[ announcement | download | changelist (not complete yet) ]

LibreOffice 4.4.2

See the bugs fixed in RC1 and RC2.

… and more

Other new releases include Lumina 0.8.3 (PC BSD’s own desktop environment), Blender 2.74 and Linux 4.0-rc7 kernel.