LibreOffice 6.2 is a new major release of the popular free cross-platform office suite. It brings many new features and a new user interface, Notebookbar UI which is similar to the one used by Microsoft Office (Ribbon UI). New icons and performance improvements are also available in LO 6.2.

Elementary icons for LibreOffice

LibreOffice 6.2 features

  • New Notebookbar UI. Features a Tabbed UI and a Groupedbar Compact UI as well
  • New Track Changes toolbar with Accept All Changes and Reject All Changes
  • Elementary icon theme updated hugely
  • Updated context menus
  • Performance improvements
  • Better compatibility with Microsoft Office
  • Other changes are listed at the official release notes

Moreover this is the last release that supports 32-bit systems.

Download LibreOffice 6.2

The new version can be downloaded from the official website. Arch Linux already has it in their repositories, Solus users will probably get it in next Fridays sync or a week after.

Ubuntu users have to wait more to get it into the repository, but there is an alternative way to install it in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS or other Ubuntu-based distros.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libreoffice