Gnome Settings

Currently Gnome Settings are using an icon grid model. Ubuntu is using the same approach and Cinnamon DE also looks like that. Now Gnome developers decided to switch to a new one that uses a list sidebar for navigation, and has a resizeable window.


New Gnome Settings

Current Gnome Settings dialog

Current Gnome Settings dialog

What’s wrong with the icon grid model?

Gnome developers list the following drawbacks of the current icon grid settings model:

  • it is hard to promote some settings over others
  • it is difficult to accommodate new settings panels, and some settings don’t fit well into the constrained space of the fixed size window

It’s important to note that these design changes will not going to happen tomorrow, and they won’t land in the upcoming Gnome 3.20. This is the direction Gnome developers are going to take from now on. There’s a complete article at their blog where they explain in more detail why they think this would be a better approach. The article also describes planned changes on Network, Sound, Displays, Users, Keyboard, Printer settings plugs.