After another 6 months of development GNOME 3.20 “Delhi” was released today. This release features OS upgrade support, much improved Wayland support and many core application updates. It contains 28,933 changes altogether. GNOME’s website highlights the following new features and improvements.

GNOME 3.20 Files search

Files in GNOME 3.20 has an improved search feature

GNOME 3.20 highlights

  • OS upgrades can now be installed using Software
  • Wayland support has improved significantly, with kinetic scrolling, drag-and-drop, and middle-click paste
  • Keyboard shortcuts and gestures can be easily learned with new shortcut overlay windows
  • Privacy controls have been improved with per-application location access
  • Quick access to media controls directly from the shell
  • Searching in Files has been much improved
  • Builder can now build XDG-Apps, a new cross-distro framework for building and distributing desktop applications. These can also be installed directly from GNOME Software
GNOME Photos editing feature

GNOME Photos got a neat editing feature

More nice features

In addition to the above GNOME 3.20 also features some really neat small improvements. Search in Files app was improved, you are now able to filter by time and file type as well. Photos got a nice editing feature, you are now able to crop, rotate an image, adjust it’s colour or add some artistic filters to it. GNOME Calendar has also improved, it has a better support for custom calendars and has a new look in “year” view. Music player controls has been added to the notification areaCantarell fonts also received an update, they look clearer now.