Do you like the stability and responsiveness of Xfce, but dislike it’s outdated looks and lack of animations? Then Enso OS might be a distro to consider.

Enso 0.3.1 “Dancing Daisy” Release

It is a custom build of Xubuntu, using Gala window manager (from the elementary project) what gives it a modern look and stunning animations. It also has Plank installed by default, just like in elementary OS.

But they didn’t stop here. Enso OS’s launcher (Panther) is also a fork of elementary’s Slingshot, so the whole distro kinda have the feeling of being an Xfce-based elementary OS. 🙂

Anyway, it has some really nice benefits, including the lightweightness of Xfce, the goodies from elementary (including the multitasking view) and a rock solid base of an Ubuntu LTS release. I think it’s worth checking out.

Latest version is Enso 0.3.1 using Xfce desktop 4.12 built on Ubuntu 18.04.