Antergos Linux is an Arch based distribution with a user friendly installer. It made it easy to install Arch and select the desktop environment and some of the most popular packages in their Cnchi installer. Their goal was to make Arch Linux available to wider audience of users and they reached this goal.

Antergos Linux Cnchi Installer
Antegos Linux Cnci installer

I’m really sad to inform you that the project ends because of the lack of free time of the developers. If you are already using Antergos, you don’t need to do anything, you can continue to use it.

For existing Antergos users: there is no need to worry about your installed systems as they will continue to receive updates directly from Arch. Soon, we will release an update that will remove the Antergos repos from your system along with any Antergos-specific packages that no longer serve a purpose due to the project ending. Once that is completed, any packages installed from the Antergos repo that are in the AUR will begin to receive updates from there.